Smother my life in pesto, please.

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Guys.  I grew something.  I put seeds in the ground, added water, and something grew.  It grew for more than a week.  I cared for it and it didn’t die almost immediately.  This is monumental.

It’s not that I usually kill my plants- I actually ALWAYS kill my plants.  I can’t so much as keep a cactus alive for more than 2 weeks… BUT, I grew basil… AND, I grew it from seeds!  Here’s how it went down: I buy seeds at the store and plant them during the appropriate months listed on the packet.  Grandma says don’t skimp on the fertilizer, buy Miracle Gro.  I follow Grandma’s instructions.  The packet says that you should plant one seed 1/2 inch below the ground, and place individual seeds 6 inches apart.  Clearly, there wasn’t a shot in hell that I was going to bank on that 1 seed surviving.  I sprinkle a handful of seeds in each 1/2 deep hole and figure “survival of the fittest,” will handle the rest.  I water.  I try VERY hard not to “over love” my basil plants by watering them every few hours and thus drowning them.  I succeed.  Massive amounts of basil, and thus soooooo much pesto.  Enjoy!

Perfect Pesto

2013-07-12 23.44.54


4 C. Basil Leaves
1/2 C. Olive Oil
1/3 C. Pine Nuts
4 Garlic Cloves
1/2 C. Freshly Grated Parmesan Romano Cheese
1 t. Salt
A Few Turns of Freshly Ground Pepper


2013-07-12 22.41.13



First things first.  LOOK at my basil.  Pretty epic, right?  It’s so green and happy!


2013-07-12 22.56.21





Start by washing and drying your beautiful basil.


2013-07-12 22.58.20








2013-07-12 23.23.32






Peel those cloves!


2013-07-12 23.28.06





Then measure out the pine nuts… and add them as well as the basil and garlic to your food processor (or blender).


2013-07-12 23.29.03




Next up is the parmesan romano cheese… add that deliciousness to the food processor as well.


2013-07-12 23.36.33





Little baby bit of salt…


2013-07-12 23.33.42





And now you’ve got all your goodies in one place! Blend that baby up!


2013-07-12 23.45.07





Hello happiness.







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