Airport Rumblings, Episode 1: CID

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Folks, I spend a lot of time in airports, during which I have time to ponder life, love, and poor snack choices.  Today, I bring you a break from my normal food follies, and allow you a window into the mind of a frequent flier.


1. Wisdom while waiting: Boarding the plane, followed by sitting on the tarmac, followed by a call to maintenance is not a good sign.  What’s worse?  When they actually ask you to get OFF of the plane… back into the same airport you were supposed to be departing. This inevitably results in you missing your connection.  The situation is not helped when you’re flying two different airlines.  Alas, Episode CID becomes Episode DEN.
















2. What did ya’ll do with all of the oxygen in Denver?  Sprinting the 12 billion gates to my connecting flight did not result in a successful connection.  Instead, I stood wheezing while I watched my plane leave without me on it.  Fitbit steps today: 4,650.

3. We started watching The Voice this year and now all I can think about (besides my missed connection) is my obsession with the fact that Gwen and Blake are now OFFICIALLY dating.  Fast forward to Monday’s episode of The Voice, please.


4. That moment when you realize that today’s airport travel is followed by really awesome birthday celebrations with Dad, that require today to be the longest day in the history of ever, but potentially worth it anyway, because, duh… row 5.  And then #1 threatens said plans.  Below stick figures may go from representing Dad + Elise, to Dad + Dad’s lucky date that isn’t me, at any moment.


5. Travel attire: Exclusively Lucy, extremely comfy – which probably means its 100% appropriate to buy this and expense it. Totes.


6. Pretty sure this is my idea of the best workplace ever.  I sincerely wish I was in that office right now.

Who wants to buy me an airport mani/pedi?  Over and out.



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  1. Momma November 5, 2015 at 8:48 PM #

    Loved your post sweetie! Totally entertaining for those of us at home. Maybe you should switch to a writing career where you wouldn’t have as much travel. But the again, that wouldn’t offer 6 months of paid time off when you decide to start a family…. Hope you made it home by now. XO

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