About XO Elise

This blog is my way of inviting you into my home and offering you a seat at my kitchen table… or at least on the floor, at my coffee table (where I usually eat).  It’s a modest expression of my love for cooking, my kitchen, baking, and sharing what I create. I’ve no professional experience or culinary training to speak of outside of the things I’ve learned from the 100 or so brilliant food bloggers that I follow religiously.  I’ve been known to cook with a large glass of red wine (out of a box or otherwise), with music blasting, whilst singing into a wooden spoon.  I buy kitchen tools, gadgets, serveware, and appliances like it’s going out of style and stash them in my closet, garage, and under my bed because I’ve filled all of the storage in my kitchen.  I love the grocery store- walking up and down every aisle and imagining the possibilities for each and every ingredient.  Happiness to me is a full house, lots of noise, and people that I care about enjoying the food I’ve prepared.  I believe in “a pinch,” “a few handfuls,” “to taste,” and “when it looks about right.”  I believe food should be experienced, shared, modified, and made your own.  I believe that bacon makes everything better, that breakfast is a great time for dessert, that you can almost never over-do the garlic, and in doubling and tripling recipes so that they can be enjoyed by all.  For me, cooking is far from scientific, it’s an art, aesthetic, a sensory experience meant to be tasted, smelled, touched and enjoyed.  I hope that you enjoy the food you find here as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.  In the words of my mother, and grandmother: “Mangia!”