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Your bikini awaits.

Your bikini is calling you.  Do you hear it?  It’s screaming at you from the deep, dark corner of that drawer you haven’t opened in months.  It wants out.  It’s seen those beautiful bright rays of sunshine creeping into your bedroom windows lately, and it knows… it knows that you’re going to have to get […]

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Showin’ some love to my Paleo peeps

If you aren’t “paleo,” and if you don’t belong to a Crossfit gym… you know you’re curious. Crossfit, paleo… it’s EVERYWHERE, right? What’s up with these people that eat like cavemen, pay 1 billion dollars per month on their gym memberships, and have super human strength? Dude. Your muscles have muscles. I’ve tried crossfit- and […]

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Healthy, Easy, Yum: What more could you want?

Since I know all of you AMAZING readers immediately went from reading my Tapenade-Stuffed Salmon recipe, straight to your kitchen and tested it out for yourselves, you (like me) probably have tons of leftover, delicious tapenade and were just itching to use the remainder of the delicious, savory concoction… right?  Well, maybe that’s wishful thinking. […]

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