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Gluten-free yummies made in a blender!

Blender muffins.  Uh huh, you read that correctly.  Now, before you start rolling your eyes at the ridiculousness that is blender muffins, let me just tell you that these blender muffins are gluten-free and don’t contain any refined white sugar.  You got that?  We’re talking about super duper lazy muffins made in a freaking blender. […]

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Your bikini awaits.

Your bikini is calling you.  Do you hear it?  It’s screaming at you from the deep, dark corner of that drawer you haven’t opened in months.  It wants out.  It’s seen those beautiful bright rays of sunshine creeping into your bedroom windows lately, and it knows… it knows that you’re going to have to get […]

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Bananas make it healthy… in my world.

So I have these feelings about produce.  Realllllly strong feelings.  I’ll just put it out there: I’m a produce snob… HUGE produce snob.  I simply refuse to eat even a slightly mushy grape, an apple with a single bruise, a teensy bit overripe peach, or a banana with a hint of brown.  I’ve always been […]

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