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Toasty, crumbly, breakfast yummy

This isn’t the first time a granola recipe has graced the pages of this blog… but guys, this is by far, times-1-million, the best granola that I have ever made.  Drop everything and make it right now, RIGHT NOW!  I’ve eaten it plain, with milk, on yogurt, on ice cream, doesn’t matter – just get […]

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Truffle Dreams

The holidays are for gluttony, am I right?  I swear to you there is only one time of year that I feel completely justified in making truffles, and that is when the clock strikes midnight on Halloween and it officially becomes “the holidays.”  Christmas music fills my head, pumpkin-spice everything haunts my every waking moment, […]

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One fewer excuse…

So you know how I’m always coming up with ways to trick you into eating my baked goods?  Yea, of course.  Well, I’ve come up with another totally devious and amazing plan.  I made these cookies, and they like, don’t even have any butter in them.  Ya hear?  No butter!  Oh and guess what else? […]

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