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Breaking News: Quinoa is even more needy than I am!

Guess what?  I made you something that will not induce a heart attack!  This recipe includes plenty of healthy ingredients including the super-hippie, and very trendy grain, quinoa.  This was my first attempt at quinoa.  Here’s what I took away from this experience: 1. Quinoa is very needy. a) I have to rinse it? b) […]

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The pancakes dreams are made of…

For a gal that really loves food, I’m just not crazy about breakfast.  Waffles… eh.  Scrambles eggs… gross.  Breakfast burritos… lack luster.  French toast… I’ll pass.  So, when breakfast is up to me, it’s never your standard pancakes, eggs and bacon.  Nope, this girl will choose these amazing corn pancakes every time.  They are savory, […]

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Rosemary Corn Bread

In case you weren’t already aware- I LOVE corn and rosemary, so this side dish is pretty much perfection to me.  It is also part 2 to my Sunday Chili post last week.  Ideally, this deletctable side dish is served with chili or some other warm delicious treat.  I made mine in an 8×8 dish, […]

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