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There’s just no going wrong with Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies…

Here’s a secret.  These are my basic chocolate chip cookies… only with dark chocolate bars chopped into chunks instead of semi-sweet chocolate chips.  Minor detail right? Nope.  My cookies are now instantly trendy and extra-fancy.  Also, the dark chocolate has anti-oxidants in it… so it’s basically health food, right?  Uh, yea.  And the fact that […]

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Christmas Cake Batter Truffles!

Considering I’m a complete Christmas fanatic, it’s really pretty absurd that I’ve yet to post anything with gingerbread, red and green green sprinkles, or in the shape of a Christmas tree.  I plan to remedy that right now.  These cake batter truffles are super easy- they’re impossible to mess up, and pretty dang delicious too. […]

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