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Hummus a la the Bestie

When it comes down to it, my bestie is really far more impressive in the kitchen than I am.  One of the reasons I’m always so impressed with her is that she keeps things simple, while still maintaining their fabulousness.  I, on the other hand, am always going WAY over board and am guaranteed to […]

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Healthy, Easy, Yum: What more could you want?

Since I know all of you AMAZING readers immediately went from reading my Tapenade-Stuffed Salmon recipe, straight to your kitchen and tested it out for yourselves, you (like me) probably have tons of leftover, delicious tapenade and were just itching to use the remainder of the delicious, savory concoction… right?  Well, maybe that’s wishful thinking. […]

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“Everything But The Kitchen Sink” Pizza

My newest obsession?  Homemade pizza.  I’ve decided to make pizza my solution for all of the yet-to-be-used fresh produce and groceries sitting in my refrigerator.  The perfect excuse for any item that I want to buy at the grocery store, but can’t figure out how to use- I’ll just throw it on a pizza!  That […]

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