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Easy little appie

I’m fortunate enough to have many amazing women in my life.  One of which, Nancy, is like a second Mom to me.  Nancy is amazing in the kitchen.  She makes a homemade spaghetti sauce that is requested at least once a month, every month, by family and friends. Plus, I’m pretty certain that every single […]

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Marty’s Pepperoni Bread

I both love and hate my cousin Marty for sharing this recipe with me.  On one hand- it’s absolutely delicious.  It’s a never-fail, crowd pleasing, gone 5 minutes after being served, appetizer that is guaranteed to get oohs, aahs and nom nom noms.  On the other hand, it may single handedly clog my arteries and […]

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“Everything But The Kitchen Sink” Pizza

My newest obsession?  Homemade pizza.  I’ve decided to make pizza my solution for all of the yet-to-be-used fresh produce and groceries sitting in my refrigerator.  The perfect excuse for any item that I want to buy at the grocery store, but can’t figure out how to use- I’ll just throw it on a pizza!  That […]

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