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Pumpkin Season

It’s officially October, which means it’s totally acceptable for me to stuff my face with everything pumpkin from the minute that I wake up (helloooooo pumpkin spice lattes and creamer) to the minute I go to bed (one more slice of pumpkin cheesecake please).  That’s at least what I tell myself. Here’s another fun fact that I […]

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For the love of pumpkin

I bought in bulk. And while we’re at it.. here’s my list of things that are 100% appropriate to buy in bulk: Cases of wine.  For the discount, obviously. Coffee.  Since you most certainly don’t want to know me on the morning where I’ve run out. Dog treats.  I believe in bribery, it’s effective with […]

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Pumpkin happiness.

Seasons… what are those again?  Pretty sure I wore my bikini like a week ago and am still paying an arm and a leg to run the AC in my house like 24/7 soooooo, not really sure what this “fall” thing is that people in other parts of the country keep referencing?  “Fall” means different […]

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