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Breaking News: Quinoa is even more needy than I am!

Guess what?  I made you something that will not induce a heart attack!  This recipe includes plenty of healthy ingredients including the super-hippie, and very trendy grain, quinoa.  This was my first attempt at quinoa.  Here’s what I took away from this experience: 1. Quinoa is very needy. a) I have to rinse it? b) […]

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She’s beautiful, smart, fun, AND a chef! Oh hey there, Bestie ;)

You know those people that are incredibly smart, successful, beautiful, responsible, witty, great in the kitchen, and even better friends/sisters/wives, etc.?  You hate them, right?  Me too.  My bestie is the exception to the rule: Amanda.  She’s way too amazing, cool and loyal to hate, so I made her my best friend instead.  I scored […]

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