Teriyaki yo’ meat, fool.

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I would like to teriyaki-fy everything.  I want my chicken wings with the teriyaki sauce, I want my chicken nuggets dipped in it, I want my vegetables drowned in it, and I want every meat marinated in it.  No joke – I can not think of a single exception.  Fish, pork, chicken, beef… yea, bring it.  Lucky for you, I’m bringing you the recipe for my go-to teriyaki that gets slathered on all of the things.  This particular night I marinated pork in the teriyaki, but the following night, we used the leftover sauce on salmon.  Boom!  Enjoy!

Teriyaki Marinated Pork


2014-06-08 06.43.38


1 C. Soy Sauce (I use Low Sodium)
1 C. Unpacked Brown Sugar
6 Minced Garlic Cloves
1 T. Ginger
1/4 C. Sriracha
1 T. Sesame Oil
6 Scallions (Divided, 1/2 in the Marinade, 1/2 as garnish)
1-1 1/2 Lbs. Pork Loin or meat of your choice


2014-06-08 00.46.03

Bring on the salty!

2014-06-08 00.49.51

… and the sweet.  You’ve basically already guaranteed success.  Good work.

2014-06-08 00.56.04

Because when have I ever passed up an opportunity to include garlic?

2014-06-08 01.01.20

Ginger!  You can even be lazy like me and buy your ginger in a tube.

2014-06-08 01.02.14

Followed by “make-yo-man-happy-because-he-likes-spicy” sauce.

2014-06-08 01.03.11

Sesame seed oil smells amazing… use it.

2014-06-08 01.05.08

Scallions are delicious.

2014-06-08 01.05.52

Meat, meat, meat.

2014-06-08 01.09.16

AND the most sophisticated, complex kitchen appliance in my repertoire… wait for it… the ziplock bag.

This beauty marinated for a few hours, but overnight would also work well.

2014-06-08 05.47.30

Yummers.  When your meat is sufficiently saucey, throw it in a baking dish with about 1/3 of the marinade.

Bake at 425 degrees for about 15 minutes!

2014-06-08 05.51.15

While your pork is baking, reduce the remainder of the sauce on a medium-high stovetop.

2014-06-08 06.13.17

… and chop the remaining scallions.

2014-06-08 06.45.50

Slice, serve, and get happy.



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